Garage Renovation:

    • Please be advised, the garage will be closed for the last weekend of March:
      • Starting Friday, March 29, at 7PM, the garage will be closed and remain closed until 6AM on Monday, April 1.
      • Please remove vehicles from the garage before 7PM on Friday as there will be no available means of egress until 6AM on Monday.


    • Phase 5A begins Wednesday, March 6.
      • This phase will block the entire center drive aisle. As a result, traffic entering the garage and below on each level will be diverted to the westernmost drive aisle, which will now accommodate two-way traffic. Please see phasing map:PHASE 5 AB.
      • Valet Parking will now be moved to the section adjacent to the newly formed two-way drive aisle along the western wall of the garage. All parkers who choose to park in this section MUST leave keys with an attendant. Additional staff will be onsite to help accommodate the valeting process. Once again, please see phasing map:PHASE 5 AB.
      • The phase is expected to take approximately 2 months before moving to 5B. As always, work will begin on P1 – P3 and move down as levels are completed.
    • Phase 5B is predicted to begin in May 2019. Further updates will be provided as the renovation progresses.
      • Traffic will be routed in the same manner as 5A. Please see phasing map:PHASE 5 AB.