Garage Renovation Phasing


Please be advised, the garage will be closed for the last weekend of March:

  • Starting Friday, March 29, at 7PM, the garage will be closed and remain closed until 6AM on Monday, April 1.
  • Please remove vehicles from the garage before 7PM on Friday as there will be no available means of egress until 6AM on Monday.

As you may have already noticed, Phase 5A is progressing. Level 1 has now been completed, returning traffic to its normal pattern. However, Levels 2 through 4 remain occupied, with valet parking moving to the center section of the garage on those levels. Please see attached phasing map.


  • Phase 5A begins Wednesday, March 6.
    • This phase will block the entire center drive aisle. As a result, traffic entering the garage and below on each level will be diverted to the westernmost drive aisle, which will now accommodate two-way traffic. Please see link above with phasing map.
    • Valet Parking will now be moved to the section adjacent to the newly formed two-way drive aisle along the western wall of the garage. All parkers who choose to park in this section MUST leave keys with an attendant. Additional staff will be onsite to help accommodate the valeting process. Once again, please link above with phasing map.
    • The phase is expected to take approximately 2 months before moving to 5B. As always, work will begin on P1 – P3 and move down as levels are completed.
  • Phase 5B is predicted to begin in May 2019. Further updates will be provided as the renovation progresses.
    • Traffic will be routed in the same manner as 5A. See attached.


***REMINDER: Garage work will be continuing through the weekends with the same working hours of 7PM to 6AM. Please adjust your weekend schedules accordingly.***


Overall Scheduling and Phasing


  • Approximate Project Duration: July 2018 – June 2019
  • Work will be done in Phases
  • Tentative start and end dates for Phase 1 (see link to phase map above) – July thru September 2018
    • All other phases will begin based on duration of initial phase
    • Phase duration fluctuates based on weather, extent of repairs, unforeseen conditions, holidays etc.
  • Each Phase begins on Parking Level 1 (P1) and extends down two levels
      • Two levels below the actual worksite level will be closed for structural support
    • EXAMPLE:
      • Phase 1 work will begin on P1 and will close P2 and P3 level for shoring/structural support
      • Once work on P1 completes, P1 reopens and work begins on P2, closing P2, P3, and P4
      • Once work on P2 completes, P2 will reopen and P3 and P4 will be closed and until Phase 1 is complete and then Phase 2 begins on P1, closing P2 & P3
  • Phase 2 & 3 will include updates to the gate-arms and automated payment systems
  • Staging Area: marked green on the Phasing map
    • Located on P1 ONLY
    • Will be closed for the duration of the project

Construction Effects

  • Floor-to-Ceiling Partitions/Construction Barriers
  • All affected areas will be closed off with a combination of plywood or plastic tarps to limit the amount of dust and debris escaping the construction area
  • Air Quality/Ventilation
    • Garage exhaust fans will be running throughout the course of construction
    • Positive ventilation will also be used in the actual construction areas to help limit the amount of dust escaping from affected areas
    • No connection between garage and building ventilation systems, therefore no indoor effect
    • The construction area will be cleaned after work is completed
      • trash/dust cleaned and removed from garage on a nightly basis
    • All work has been approved/permitted through DCRA
  • All Noisy Work Will be Performed At Night from 7PM – 6AM
    • Work may start later and/or end earlier based on conditions and scheduling
    • Non-noisy work, including caulking, concrete pouring and sealing will continue during the day with as little effect on parkers as possible.
  • Safety Concerns/Damage to Vehicles
    • All work has been approved/permitted through DCRA
    • All work has been approved/planned by a structural engineer to ensure safety
    • Two levels below work will be closed off for shoring/structural supports
    • Any issues will be handled by garage operator and property management on a case by case basis

Parking Spaces Lost/Inconvenience Due to Construction

  • Each Phase closure will take a maximum of 50 spaces.
  • Drive Aisles will be affected for periods of time during the renovation and maneuverability may be limited
    • Parking attendants will work on a case-by-case basis to help accommodate larger vehicles

Reserved Spaces

  • Reserved spaces effected during Phase 1 of construction have been tentatively planned to be moved to the Phase 2 section of the garage. See phasing map. However, both building management and garage management will be reaching out to those with reserved spots directly to make sure proper accommodations are made

Complete Garage Shutdowns for Ramp Work

  • 5 weekends – at least 2-week notice will be given
  • Closures will be scheduled around holidays and slow weekends based on parking data

ADA Parking Spaces/Bike Racks

  • ADA spaces will be relocated to areas safe and accommodating and notices will be sent out to inform parkers of the temporary locations
  • Bike racks will be moved to locations near the parking management office


  • Updates will be provided via email memos and website every two weeks